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Stun Gun

What is Stun Gun?

Stun gun is a device which is used to temporarily injured an attacker, Attacker is not serious injured after attack. It just gets an electric shock. After the shock Attacker is faint for several minutes. Because of the low amperage no serious injury is inflicted. It is a self defense item which is especially for women. This device is also called EDM or Electro-magnetic Device. Stun gun brings a high voltage which result person is quickly faint for around 25 or more minutes. And it takes low electric charge. This device is very easy to use, there is no need to anyone coordinate to you how it works. In India Stun gun is legal for public use. Stun gun is 100% legal in many countries. But some of countries is banned this device for public use. Sunrise Techvision Store Home Products sales Stun Gun in India from last 20 years and a big name in security products.

Why Stun Gun?

In today’s time women’s security is the important topic for the entire world. Crime rate is increasing day by day. And women’s is not safe when they alone, everywhere women’s is not treated good manner. There is lots of rape case in increasing in recent years, we read and watch in the news how harassment on women’s. We see in buses, metros, and a public place somebody misbehaves with women’s .Every time police is not able to protect individually. For women’s Stun gun is best surveillance to protect our self independently. This is very small in size and it can handle easily. It affects muscle and neural system of body, maximum stun gun operates on milliamps. When we use stun gun it affect on muscle tissue with high pulse width. This result tissue contract quickly, and after body energy is loss instantly. The attacker is not able to stand on own feet around 25 minutes approx. Energy is fully down after get electric current through Stun Gun. An electric shock is taking only half second. This device is perfect security surveillance for women’s, it looks like a flashlight or cell phone and light weighted component.